Danish soldiers arrive in Latvia.

Danish soldiers arrive in Latvia. Photo: Danish Defence

By the Defense Command


The security situation in Europe is seriously challenged by Russia's extensive troop build-up and military attacks on Ukraine.


The situation has developed into a crisis with potentially major consequences not only for Ukraine, but also for NATO and the Kingdom of Denmark's security. That is why 350 soldiers today set course for Latvia, where they - as the first part of the main force - will strengthen NATO's presence in the Baltics.


The combat soldiers come mainly from the Guard Hussars Regiment in Slagelse and the entire combat base consists of important support functions from, among others, the The Logistic Regiment in Aalborg.


750 soldiers deployed in the Baltics

In total, around 750 Danish soldiers will be deployed in the area around the Adazi military base in Latvia next year. Here they are to form an integral part of the Latvian, mechanized infantry brigade.


Thus, the Armed Forces and Denmark contribute to the credibility of NATO's Article 5 and send a clear signal of alliance solidarity: An attack on a member country is an attack on the entire NATO alliance.


The deployment of Danish soldiers in Latvia is a natural continuation of the cooperation Danish and Baltic soldiers have had in recent years' international missions and training.


In addition, the Baltics constitute a complex training and operations environment where we strengthen our knowledge of our equipment, co-operation capabilities and general military skills. Here, the Armed Forces must be able to both deter and respond to conventional military threats, but also be able to act in an environment with a risk of hybrid threats in the form of espionage, cyber activities and hostile information campaigns.