Organisation Chart for Danish Defence Command


The Defence Command

The Commander of the Defence Command bears the title Chief of Defence, while the Deputy Chief of Defence is Chief of the Defence Staff.

The Command leves within the Defence Command includes:

In addition these services are under the aegis of the Chief of Defence as part of the Armed Forces:

  • The Royal Danish Defence College
  • The Armed Forces Medical Command
  • The Armed Forces Maintenance Service


The Defence Staff

The Defence Staff consists of:

  • The High-Command Staff Secretariat
  • The Joint Operations Staff
  • The Plans and Capability Staff
  • The Finance Division

Headed by the Chief of the Defence Staff, Lieutenant General Kenneth Pedersen, the Defence Staff is responsible for coordination and development within the Danish Armed Forces as well as leadership, administration, and staff support.

The Finance Division is a partner division from the Danish Ministry of Defence.

The Joint Operations Staff is responsible for planning, deployment, and logistics in all operations.

HR / recruitment, materiel procurement and administration of properties do not fall directly under the Defense Command, but under the Ministry of Defence's Personnel Agency, the Ministry of Defence's Materiel and Procurement Agency and the Ministry of Defence's Property Agency, respectively, which supports the Defence Command with these areas.


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