Forsvarschef general Flemming Lentfer

Chief of Defence, General Flemming Lentfer. Photo: Sara Skytte.

The current Chief of Defence is Flemming Lentfer. He holds the rank of General and has been Chief of Defence since December 1. 2020.

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Kenneth Pedersen has been Chief of the Defence Staff since 2019. He holds the rank of Lieutenant General and - together with the Chief of Defence – he is part of the high command of the Armed Forces.

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Other high-command officers


Chief of Joint Operations:


Major General Ulrich Johan Hellebjerg


Chief of Plans and Capabilities (acting):

Commodore Anders Friis


Commander, Army Command:

Major General Gunner Arpe Nielsen


Admiral Danish Fleet, Royal Danish Navy Command:

Rear Admiral Henrik Ryberg


Commander, Air Command:

Major General Jan Dam



Commander, Joint Arctic Command:

Major General Søren Andersen



Commander, Special Operations Command:

Major General Michael Wiggers Hyldgaard




Director Executive Office:

Commodore Bo Overgaard



Commander of the Royal Danish Defence College:

Major General Flemming Mathiasen



Commander of the Danish Armed Forces Health Services:

Brigadier Jesper Momme

Surgeon General Susanne Bach Lausten


Commander of the Danish Defence Maintenance Agency:

Commodore Per Hesselberg






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