dk modtager ukrainere i UK

The Ukrainian recruits are received by the Danish training team in England. Photo: Simon / Danish Defense

By the Danish Defense Command


For two weeks, the 65 Danish instructors and soldiers have been preparing to receive the Ukrainian recruits. This weekend it became a reality, when around 200 Ukrainian future soldiers arrived at the barracks in the UK.


Over the next few weeks, the Danes must train the Ukrainians in basic soldiering skills. This means everything from first aid and weapon handling to teaching the laws of war.


"It is a big and exciting task that the Danish team of instructors and soldiers is facing. But we have prepared well over here and all the people are ready for the task. It is an important task to get the Ukrainians trained well," says Major Franz Stærk, who heads the Danish team.



The new recruits are briefed after arrival. Photo: Simon / Danish Defense

It is as part of the overall support that Denmark is contributing 65 Danish soldiers to a British-led training project, which will be carried out in the UK during the autumn of 2022, where Ukrainian recruits will be trained in very basic soldiering skills.


In August-September, the first Danish training of a small team of Ukrainians took place.  



The recruits go through their equipment. Photo: Simon / The Armed Forces

Joint Western support for Ukraine

The training tasks are an important element in the western countries' support for Ukraine, and these are tasks that the Danish soldiers can carry out. The Norwegian Armed Forces have many years of experience in cooperating with the Ukrainian armed forces - among other things through the Peace and Stabilization Fund, where the Norwegian Armed Forces have provided support with, among other things, advice, education and training of Ukrainian soldiers.


"Our training of the Ukrainian soldiers shows that the Western countries are united in their support for Ukraine. Together with our allies, we have taken a great deal of responsibility to support Ukraine since Russia's invasion in February," says Major General Michael Hyldgaard, head of the operations staff in the Defense Command.


Denmark has supported training activities in Ukraine since 2015 during the British-led Operation Orbital, where the aim was to train Ukrainian soldiers in basic military skills and operational planning. In addition, there were also a handful of seconded advisors, who were placed in various locations at strategic, operational and tactical level respectively. The latter supported, among other things, reform and educational development in the Ukrainian defense.



The Ukrainian soldiers receive their first lessons. Photo: Simon / The Armed Forces