F-35 ved take-off

It is F-35 fighter jets from Lakenheath Air Force Base in Great Britain that visit Fighter Wing Skrydstrup. Photo: U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Koby I. Saunders.

By the Danish Air Force Command


Soon it will not only be Danish fighter jets taking off from the runway at Skrydstrup Airport. The base in Southern Jutland, which is home to Denmark's fighter jets, will be visited by five American F-35 fighter jets in the period from 6 to 16 March 2023.


The visit is taking place as part of the preparations for the first Danish F-35 fighter jets to arrive in Denmark in the autumn of 2023. During the period, the American aircraft will be stationed at Fighter Wing Skrydstrup, where they will be included in the usual flight passes for pre- and the afternoon and participate in training with parts of the Armed Forces.


Exchange of experience for several professional groups

Cooperating and training with our closest allies is not unknown to either the Air Force or Fighter Wing Skrydstrup. According to colonel and commander of Fighter Wing Skrydstrup, Kim Jensen, it makes a lot of sense to learn from our American allies in this situation.


"The visit by American F-35 fighter jets and associated personnel is an important part of the preparation for us receiving and starting to operate with our own aircraft later this year. We gain operational experience when we fly and operate together in the air, but also all the logistics on the ground by having the planes here at the air station teaches us a lot."


It is thus not only the pilot group that will gain experience from the fact that American fighter planes are visiting. Everyone from aircraft mechanics and munitions people to transport workers and firefighters are preparing for the reception.


"For us, it is important that we gain as much knowledge as possible from the visit. Carrying out operations with combat aircraft is a team effort where many different professional groups must cooperate. This is also the case with a visit by American F-35 fighter jets, and all employees at the air station are therefore essential in making this visit a success," says Kim Jensen.


Amerikanske F-35 kampfly i aktion.

American F-35 fighter jets in action. Photo: U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Koby I. Saunders.

One step closer to 'First Aircraft Arrival'

The Americans' visit will be a stepping stone to and initiation of the final preparations towards the reception of Danish F-35 fighter jets at Fighter Wing Skrydstrup.


This event - also called 'First Aircraft Arrival' - is planned for autumn 2023 and will be the culmination of decades of work, when Danish F-35 fighter jets land on Danish soil for the first time. Denmark has purchased a total of 27 F-35 combat aircraft, which during an implementation period will gradually take over the task complex for the F-16.


There will be regular updates about the Americans' visit on the Defense website and via the Defense, Air Force and Fighter Wing Skrydstrup's social media.


Five American F-35 fighter jets are coming to Denmark


They will be stationed at Fighter Wing Skrydstrup in the period 6 March to 16 March


They are currently based at Lakenheath Air Force Base in Great Britain


The flights are included in the usual flight passes in the morning and afternoon.