Apache-helikoptere ankommer til Esbjerg

44 US military helicopters arrived by ship in the port of Esbjerg in August 2022. Photo: Danish Defence

By the Danish Defense Command


Next week, approx. 600 pcs. of military equipment and vehicles arrives to the Port of Aarhus with the ship ARC Independence. Parts of Aarhus Harbor will be closed off, and there will be American soldiers in the area around the harbor to assist with the further transport of the equipment.


It is the first time the USA has chosen Aarhus as a port for the many vehicles and containers to be transported on to Eastern Europe due to a planned rotation of American troops.


The Facts

The Danish host nation support consists of supporting a planned rotation of American units for Operation Atlantic Resolve – the USA's strengthened presence in Europe. Atlantic Resolve has for a number of years aimed to demonstrate the US ability and willingness to reinforce NATO and alliance partners in Eastern Europe with combat forces.


Denmark is a hub when overseas NATO countries ships material and soldiers to the Baltic Sea region. Therefore, the Danish Armed Forces, the Home Guard and a number of civilian actors are ready to support in order to make the operation happen as smoothly as possible.


"Good host nation support for our allies is a very central part of our contribution to NATO's collective defence. The use of Aarhus Harbor is an expression that the US sees potential in Denmark as a host nation for US forces - and at a time when Western values such as freedom and democracy are being challenged, it is absolutely crucial for our security that we stand shoulder to shoulder with our core allies such as the United States," says Minister of Defence Jakob Ellemann-Jensen.


The US has previously sent material through Denmark in connection with exercise activities in Europe and most recently in Esbjerg, where 44 US military helicopters arrived by ship in August 2022.


The Danish defense is carrying out the task at Aarhus Harbor with support from, among others, the local police force, the Home Guard and other relevant authorities.


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