Fregatten Peter Willemos, set fra Oksbøl skydeterræn

The frigate Peter Willemoes seen from the shooting range in Oksbøl. Photo: Rune Dyrholm / Danish Armed Forces

By the Danish Defence Command


The Danish crew stands on the ship, gazing towards the coast, where booming shells land on the sandy terrain. Alongside 19 allied nations and a partner, Denmark is engaged in the large-scale NATO activity Neptune Strike, which this week involves firing from the Peter Willemoes towards targets in the Danish Oksbøl Exercise Area.


"The frigate Peter Willemoes plays a central role in this part of Neptune Strike. We provide highly precise artillery fire on land targets based on input from a British spotter helicopter, thereby supporting a coastal land operation," says Commander Kenneth Buur Jensen, commanding officer on the frigate Peter Willemoes.


amerikanske specialoperationssoldater, som koordinerer beskydning fra den danske fregat.

The US special operation soldiers coordination with the British helicopter. Photo: Stine Holbech / Danish Armed Forces

The Artillery fire involves a British AW159 Wildcat helicopter and American special operation soldiers coordinating the frigate's fire. The British helicopter takes off from the British HMS Queen Elizabeth, the largest European aircraft carrier.


 "We are getting in-depth training with our British allies, reinforcing our collaborative capabilities. It is also an opportunity to demonstrate that our technical systems work among NATO countries and to consolidate our joint procedures. Simultaneously, we showcase the frigate's smooth integration in a multi-domain setup, demonstrating robust support for land operations," says Kenneth Buur Jensen.

Neptune Strike

The NATO activity Neptune Strike is a multi-domain activity which demonstrates the readiness of the NATO alliance to defend the Euro-Atlantic area.


The Norwegian Armed Forces host part of the NATO activity. It is led by the Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO (STRIKFORNATO). STRIKFORNATO has operated at sea off Oksbøl and Sjællands Odde.


The activities in connection with Neptune Strike took place in the period from 31 October to 10 November.