FN køretøjer på vej fra FN-missionen MINUSMA.

UN-vehicles on board the transport ship.

By the Defence Command Denmark


Since 2013, Denmark and the UN have been engaged in achieving peace and security in Mali in Africa in the UN mission named MINUSMA. As of 31 December 2023 the mission ended and is now in the process of closing down.


A large number of vehicles and military equipment has been transported from Mali to Senegal and must now be shipped safely home to the various troop contributing countries. This is a huge logistic operation, which will be supported by Denmark and the Danish Armed Forces.


The support concerns over 600 UN vehicles, trailers and containers from MINUSMA, which will be picked up in Dakar, Senegal and shipped to Egypt, Togo and Tunisia.


FN containere

Photo: Danish Defence

Through the ARK Project, the Joint Movement and Transport Organization in Defence Command Denmark has entered into an agreement with Scan Global Logistics, a framework agreement partner for Defence Command Denmark, which has chartered a cargo ship that can carry large quantities of material.


"I am pleased that we have been able to support both the UN and a number of African troop contributing countries in repatriating equipment from MINUSMA. Denmark has supported MINUSMA since the establishment of the mission in 2013. It is therefore natural that we will help close the mission and ensure that equipment from MINUSMA’s contributing countries is returned safely. The support with transportation is a good example of Denmark's continued commitment to the UN's important peacekeeping efforts," says the Minister of Defence of Denmark, Troels Lund Poulsen.


”Denmark has been a central part of the mission in Mali. Therefore it is quite natural, that we are a part of the end of the mission as well. It is an important assignment, and we will make sure it gets done properly” says Chief of Defence, general Flemming Lentfer.


FN køretøjer bliver lastet på transportskib

Photo: Danish Defence

Denmark has previously contributed with troops to the UN mission MINUSMA, but withdrew the last personnel from Mali in December last year as the mission closed. The Danish offer to the UN includes pre- and post-transportation, which means transport both by sea and land. The total expenditures are approximately DKK 23.7 million (USD 3.4 million).


In this case, Denmark helps the UN with logistical support and shows that Denmark is a stable partner in the UN that the alliance can count on and trust.