Ukrainere på Flyvestation Skrydstrup

Ukrainian technician checks out F-16 for Ukrainian pilot at Skrydstrup Air Base. Photo: Tue Skals / Forsvaret.

By Defence Command Denmark


Since the fall of 2023 pilots, technicians and specialists from Ukraine have been in Denmark to learn to operate the F-16 Fighter Jets.


The training is happening under extremely strict security precautions and acces to the Ukrainians has been limited. This happens to both intensify the operational security and to make sure, that the Ukrainian guests have peace and space to concentrate on the highly intensive training and education they are going thru.


The training officially commenced in june of 2023, when a wide coalition of western countries agreed to train Ukrainians in the operation of the F-16. The first Ukrainians arrived in august and the training has been going more or less to plan since.


A lot of both Danish and International media have requested access to the air base in order to follow the work, but this has not been possible. Now the Ukrainian government media UNITED24 supported by Defence Command Denmark have been granted access to the Ukrainian personnel.



To the media:

The security situation at Skrydstrup Air Base means that further media visits will not be allowed in the near future. It will also not be possible for spokespersons directly involved in the training to participate in interviews.


Questions about donation of F-16 fighter jets must be sent to Danish Ministry of Defence.