Modtagelse af amerikansk materiel i Esbjerg

US helicopters beeing unloaded in Esbjerg Harbour in april 2023. Photo: Steffen Fog / Danish Armed Forces

By Danish Defence Command


Denmark once again provides Host Nation Support as an American cargo ship arrives at Kalundborg Harbour. The cargo ship, received by Danish and American military personnel, carries hundreds of vehicles, equipment, and helicopters from the US Army. This equipment will participate in the NATO exercise Swift Response, which is part of this year’s major NATO exercise, Steadfast Defender.


Danish ports serve as crucial logistical hubs for our alliance partners, given Denmark’s strategic location in the Baltic Sea. Rapid and seamless reinforcement of NATO in Europe relies on these ports. The Danish Defence has previously had the opportunity to practice host nation discipline when the USA transported equipment through Denmark during exercise activities and rotations of American units in Europe. Our ability to provide timely, effective, and efficient host nation support is critical to NATO’s capacity to deter threats and defend the alliance.


On Sunday, April 21, 2024, there will be a press event at Kalundborg Harbour, with the possibility of photographing and filming during the unloading of vehicles, helicopters, and equipment. Spokespersons from the Danish Defence and the Home Guard will be available for interviews. An initial briefing on Denmark’s Host Nation Support capabilities and tasks will be given during the press event.


Please note that registration is mandatory due to access control at Kalundborg Harbour.


Remember to bring a valid press card.



Sunday, April 21, 2024, from 12:00 to 13:30 (arrival between 11:30 and 11:45)



Kalundborg Harbour, Asnæs Havnevej 1, near the iron gate (remember registration and press card)



Register in writing by Friday, April 19, at 12:00, to LTC Nicholas Lundgard, Communications Department of the Danish Defence Command, via the following email:


This is the name for the Danish Host Nation Support activities. The operation is a collaboration between the Danish Defence and the Home Guard, with support from several partners.

It is the first time that the embarkation of military equipment, vehicles, and helicopters is taking place at Kalundborg Harbour.

The equipment being transported through Denmark will be used both for the strengthened US presence in Europe and as part of a larger exercise.

The Swift Response exercise, in which portions of the American helicopters, vehicles, and equipment will participate, is a crucial component of this year’s major NATO exercise, Steadfast Defender, occurring in various locations across Europe and the Nordic region.

Efficient deployment through Denmark is essential for NATO to credibly and robustly demonstrate its ability to reinforce alliance partners in Europe.

Like our Nordic neighbours in Sweden, Norway, and Finland, Denmark must be capable of regularly receiving and redeploying allied forces from other NATO countries. What we train for, we excel at.