Fighter Wing Skrydstrup

  • Squadron 727 with F-16 Fighting Falcons.


Air Transport Wing Aalborg

  • Squadron 721 with Hercules C130J transport aircraft and Challenger CL-604 utility aircraft.


Helicopter Wing Karup

  • Squadron 722 with EH-101 Merlin search & rescue helicopters/tactical troop transport helicopters.
  • Squadron 723 with MH-60R Seahawks primarily operating from naval vessels in the North Atlantic Sea around Greenland and the Faroe Islands.
  • Squadron 724 with Fennec AS550 C2 light observation and transport helicopters.


Air Control Wing

  • Stationary and mobile long-range surveillance radars and command & control facilities.


Operations Support Wing

  • Training, tactical support, base support, and mission support.


Joint Movement and Transport Organisation

  • Logistic support and transport by air, land, and sea for all services.
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