En danske fregat modtager brændstof på havet.

HDMS Esbern Snare carries out the standard procedure Replenishment at Sea by refuelling with the help of an American replenishment tanker. The Danish-led NATO staff is on board and in command of the ships. Photo: Danish Armed Forces

The Danish Task Group plans, executes and evaluates naval operations on a tactical level – in national as well as international contexts.

The Task Group regularly contributes to NATO's standing naval forces (Standing NATO Maritime Group 1), for instance, and it participated in the Danish-led operation that removed Syria's chemical weapons.


Danish Task Group activities range from crisis management, peacekeeping and peacemaking operations to core armed conflict tasks.

  • The Danish Task Group is able to lead naval forces in exercises and operations on a tactical level at short notice.

  • The Task Group can be deployed globally and lead international maritime operations involving a small naval force consisting of 4-5 frigates and a replenishment tanker (task group level).

  • When the Task Group is not working on specific operations it develops the doctrines and other principles that underpin the Danish Armed Forces maritime operations; development that is carried out in co-operation with the Navy at large.

  • Finally, the Task Group conducts relevant exercise planning, scenarios (war-gaming) as well asclasses and lectures at the Navy's centres and other Danish Armed Forces educational institutions.


The Task Group consists of approx. 20 personnel with a wide range of experience and competences. They work primarily from Naval Base Korsør, but personnel are often on the move in the course of their duties.

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