Danske observatører i den demilitariserede zone.

Danish observers at the demilitarized zone in 2018. Photo: Simon Elbeck Johnsen / The Danish Armed Forces.

Danish soldiers contribute to the monitoring of the ceasefire in Korea. The mission in Korea is called UNCMAC - United Nations Command Military Armistice Commission. UNCMAC is not an actual UN mission, but a US-led mission with a mandate from the UN.
UNCMAC was established in 1953, when a temporary peace agreement was reached between North Korea and the UN force defending South Korea after North Korea's attack in 1950. The temporary agreement still applies as no final peace agreement has been established.
UNCMAC is responsible for security in the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. According to the agreement, there must be a 4 kilometer wide "buffer zone" along the 241 km long demarcation line.
The Danish officers, who have been sent out as observers, help to monitor the ceasefire agreement between North Korea and South Korea. The work in the demilitarized zone involves the registration of ceasefire violations, the investigation of clashes and the implementation of strategic overflights in the zone.
There are Danes in both the mission's headquarters in Seoul and in the demilitarized zone.
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