Soldater træner på forladt base i Estland.

Danish soldiers train urban combat at a disused base in Estonia. Photo: Press officer in the eFP / Armed Forces.

The Danish soldiers were part of NATO's multinational force of around 4,000 soldiers in Poland and the Baltic countries. NATO's presence in the Baltic States and Poland demonstrate NATO's readiness to protect NATO territory and the peoples of NATO and emphasize alliance solidarity with, among others, the Baltic States. NATO's presence in the eastern part of the alliance strengthens security in the region and thus also in Denmark.


The Danish force consisted of an armored infantry company with support functions. The armored infantrymen used the infantry combat vehicle CV 9035 as their primary vehicle, but they also used the Piranha and Eagle V.


The support functions included an observation section, a military police station and a national support element as well as a logistics detachment that supported with supplies, transport, repair, sanitation and salvage. The majority of the soldiers were part of a British battalion battle group. The  Danish force also included a staff contribution, which was part of an Estonian brigade, the British battalion battle group and the British eFP headquarters.


The Danish soldiers are based in Tapa, which is located approx. 70 km east of the capital Tallinn. While in Estonia, soldiers trained and trained with British and Estonian units as well as with soldiers from other NATO countries.


Denmark had a similar force deployed to Estonia throughout 2018. Since the spring of 2017, the Armed Forces has deployed staff officers to the British and Estonian headquarters as part of the enhanced Forward Presence.


In 2021, Denmark will contribute eFP with a smaller number of staff officers.

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