Soldater træner på forladt base i Estland.

Danish soldiers training in urban environment in Estonia back in 2020. Photo: Press officer in the eFP / Armed Forces.

NATO's enhanced forward presence (eFP) in the Baltic countries and Poland demonstrates that NATO is prepared to protect NATO territory and populations. The presence emphasizes alliance solidarity towards, among others, the Baltic countries. NATO's presence in the eastern part of the alliance strengthens security in the region and thus also in Denmark.

Denmark currently contributes a small number of staff officers to the British eFP headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia.


Throughout 2022, Denmark contributed around 160 soldiers to the advanced presence in Estonia.


The Danish contribution in 2022 consisted of a tank squadron with 14 Leopard 2A7 tanks, a logistics detachment, a military police contribution, as well as a staff contribution that was part of the 1st multinational Estonian brigade and the British battalion battle group.


160 - 200 Danish soldiers were deployed to Estonia as part of NATO's multinational force of about 4,000 soldiers in Poland and the Baltic countries in 2018, 2020 and 2022 as well.


Since the spring of 2017, the Armed Forces has deployed staff officers to British and Estonian headquarters as part of Enhanced Forward Presence.

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