Iver Huitfeldt og en fransk fregat.

The frigate Iver Huifeldt, the ship's helicopter and a French frigate. In the background is one of the merchant ships that the naval force is watching over. Photo: Iver Huitfeldt / The Armed Forces

Until July 2021, a Danish staff of 12 people was leading the European naval operation AGENOR in the waters around the Strait of Hormuz. The operation includes, in addition to the Danish staff, other staff members, ships and aircraft from several European countries.


AGENOR was launched in 2019, when the security situation in the area around the Strait of Hormuz escalated and several commercial ships were attacked with explosive devices. Other incidents also created insecurity for shipping at sea and exacerbated the already tense situation in the area. The purpose of AGENOR is to reduce the risk of such incidents and thus create greater security for shipping in the area of ​​operations. In addition to the Strait of Hormuz, it also includes the Arabian Sea, the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman.


Ships and aircraft in AGENOR work for safety and free movement of shipping by showing presence and by creating a picture of the normal situation in the area. It makes it possible to sharpen the attention, and possibly. intervene if the situation changes. The ships in the naval force can also accompany merchant ships through the Strait of Hormuz in order to contribute to increased security.


The Danish leadersip entails that Denmark fills the positions as head of the operation, the position as head of the international staff and a number of other key positions in the staff, which total 20 - 25 people. The management of AGENOR is located together with the French headquarters in Abu Dhabi.


From August to December 2020, Denmark contributed to AGENOR with the frigate Iver Huitfeldt and its crew. With the ship was also a Seahawk helicopter and soldiers from the Military Police and Maritime Special Forces. Denmark has also contributed staff officers to the operation since its establishment in January 2020.


Denmark periodically solved the task together with a French naval vessel. The area of ​​operation of the contributions to AGENOR is the Strait of Hormuz, the Arabian Sea, the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman.


The tasks of the frigate contribution were to show presence, provide surveillance and to establish a maritime situation that can support the free movement of ships in the area. However, the Danish contribution could also intervene against non-state actors who wrongfully prevent the free movement in the area.

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