Det mekaniserede infanterikompagni (2/I/LG) øver fremrykning samt angreb fra bevægelse med fokus på koordination mellem kompagniets delinger og støttenheder

Danish soldiers training in Latvia. Contributing to NATOs presence in the Baltic area Danish troops helps to strengthen security in the region as well as in Denmark.

From May 2022 - May 2023, the Armed Forces contributed to securing NATO's eastern flank by having a battalion battle group with supporting capabilities deployed in Latvia. Here, the soldiers contributed to NATO's defense plans and emergency forces. NATO's presence in the area helps to strengthen security in Denmark, because Denmark's security begins in the Baltics and Poland.


From mid-2024, Denmark will again offer NATO a battalion for the defense of the Baltic countries. The battalion will be deployed to Latvia 4-6 months a year and will be on alert in Denmark the rest of the time.


The 2022 - 2023 combat battalion was fielded by the 1st Brigade and was composed of units from almost all parts of the Army.


The Danish forces in Latvia are helping to deter threats and can, if necessary, respond to military aggression against Denmark's allies. By having Danish forces in the Baltics, Denmark is helping to demonstrate the unity of NATO: An attack on a member country is an attack on the entire NATO alliance.
The deployment of Danish soldiers in Latvia is a natural continuation of the cooperation Danish and Baltic soldiers have had in recent years' international missions and during training.


For the Danish soldiers, the Baltics constitute a complex training and operational environment, where conditions differs from Denmark. The deployment gives the Danish soldiers good opportunities to strengthen their general military skills, knowledge of their equipment and co-operation skills. The deployment in Latvia also trains soldiers' ability to act in an environment at risk of hybrid threats in the form of espionage, cyber activities and hostile information campaigns.

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