Challengerfly fra Forsvaret spækket med avanceret overvågningsudstyr har flere gange deltaget i overvågningen af Europas grænser i Middelhavet. Foto: Rune Dyrholm / Forsvaret.

The crew of one of the Armed Forces' Challenger aircraft operates some of the advanced surveillance equipment. Photo: Rune Dyrholm / The Danish Armed Forces.

Since 2015, Denmark has made a number of different contributions available to Frontex.


The current Danish contributions consist of a patrol boat contribution and personnel who contribute to the registration of migrants in the Mediterranean area.


Patrol boats

The Armed Forces is contributing two patrol boats to the surveillance of Europe's external borders. The boats patrol in the waters between the Greek island of Symi and Turkey.


The contribution consists of two patrol boats and crews with soldiers from the Armed Forces and police officers. The contribution also consists of a support team as well as a coordination team.


The patrol boats have been deployed since 2019.


Registration of migrants

The Armed Forces has continuously deployed a number of staff assisting local authorities in Italy, Spain and Greece to take fingerprints on migrants. It varies where the employees are posted.


Previous contributions

The Air Force has repeatedly contributed Challenger aircraft that have patrolled across the Mediterranean to detect unwanted activity. The Danish Home Guard has also patrolled the Mediterranean by airplanes. Denmark has on several occasions also contributed vehicles with thermal observation equipment that have monitored the coast of Greek islands. In late 2021, a Challenger aircraft patrolled the English Channel as part of Frontex efforts against human traffickers in the area.

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