Challengerfly fra Forsvaret spækket med avanceret overvågningsudstyr har flere gange deltaget i overvågningen af Europas grænser i Middelhavet. Foto: Rune Dyrholm / Forsvaret.

The crew of one of the Armed Forces' Challenger aircraft operates some of the advanced surveillance equipment. Photo: Rune Dyrholm / The Danish Armed Forces.

Since 2015, Denmark has made a number of different contributions available to the EU's border agency Frontex.


Frontex's task is to handle and coordinate efforts at the EU's external borders. Frontex addresses migration challenges, serious cross-border crime (smuggling, trafficking and terrorism) and identifies possible future threats to the EU's external borders.


Frontex operates on land, water and in the air. Frontex's efforts are divided into various operations, all of which contribute to, among other things, border control, fighting crime, registration of migrants and sea rescue (SAR).


The Danish contributions support the joint European effort against illegal migration flows and thus protect the safety and security of the Danes.


The Danish Armed Forces currently contributes:


  • A patrol boat contribution that patrols the cost off Greece. The task is solved in cooperation with the police.
  • A vehicle with thermal observation equipment (Thermal Vision Vehicle, TVV). The vehicle is deployed in Greece from May to November 2023.
  • Personnel contribution in the form of interpreters and personnel for registration of refugees and migrants. The employees work in several different EU countries.
  • A Fennec helicopter patrolling the area of the Straits of Gibraltar from Spain. The contribution is made from mid-June to November 2023.
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