Dansk soldater underviser ukrainske soldater med hjælp fra en civil tolk

A Danish soldier teaches Ukrainian soldiers with the help of a civilian interpreter. Photo: Emma Kirketerp / The Armed Forces.

NATO has been cooperating with Ukraine since the 1990s. Cooperation intensified following Russia's annexation of Crimea in 2014, and NATO today supports Ukraine with reform initiatives to help the country implement NATO standards and procedures. The Armed Forces supports several of NATO's programs in Ukraine.


The contribution of the Armed Forces in Ukraine 2018-2021 consists of several smaller contributions.


Language officers and interpreters for Operation Unifier

The Danish defence has language officers and interpreters deployed to Operation Unifier, which is a Canadian-led training mission.


The purpose of Operation Unifier is to train Ukrainian forces in soldier skills.


Staff officer, interpreters and mobile training teams for Operation Orbital

The Danish armed forces contributes to the British-led training mission Operation Orbital.


The Danish contribution consists of one staff officer and two interpreters who are sent out continuously and a number of mobile training teams who are sent out periodically.


The Danish contributions to mobile training teams consist of two to six soldiers from the Army and Navy. They conduct training of Ukrainian soldiers in basic military skills and operational planning according to NATO standards. The Danish soldiers support British soldiers during the courses.


The staff officer works in Operation Orbital's headquarters in Kiev, where the officer, in addition to solving ordinary staff officer tasks, also examines the needs and opportunities for Danish training teams.


The Danish Armed Forces also contributes to mobile training teams of up to ten people from the Special Operations Forces, which carry out training of Ukrainian maritime special operations forces in the 73rd Regiment in Ochakiv. Part of this training is carried out in collaboration with the US NAVY SEAL.


The interpreters support Commander ORBITAL in Kiev and the Danish advisor, who has been appointed as advisor regarding. maritime special operations at 73rd Regiment in Ochakiv.


Military police contribution

Since before the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, the Danish Armed Forces has trained Ukrainian military police through Ukrainian participation in Danish military police courses. Denmark also contributes instructors to military police courses in Ukraine at the military police academy in Lviv, where the training is carried out in collaboration with Canada. The purpose of all courses is to train Ukrainian military police in NATO standards.


Staff officers / advisers in Ukraine

From 1 January 2021, three advisers have been seconded to Ukraine. A military adviser at the Danish Embassy in Kiev, an adviser at the Ukrainian National Defense University and an adviser at the Defense Reform Advisory Board / NATO liaison officer.


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