Danske instruktører underviser i ild og bevægelse.

Danish instructors teach "shoot and move". Photo: Danish Armed Forces

The Ukrainian soldiers have undergone five weeks of intensive training in the UK, where around 65 Danish instructors and soldiers have trained them from recruits to soldiers.


During the weeks, the Ukrainians have received instruction in everything from basic weapon handling, the laws of war, and first aid to how to camp in nature, move in terrain, and fight as an individual.


"The training has gone well, and the Ukrainian soldiers have been very engaged and quick to learn. They have achieved a high level in a short time, I think. For us Danes it has been a great professional experience to be here. It is indeed a task that makes sense," says Kristian, who is the head of the Danish instructor team in the UK.


Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, Denmark has taken a significant responsibility for supporting Ukraine in close cooperation with allies and partners. Denmark has supported the British-led training project with Danish soldiers and instructors since early autumn 2022.


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This is the third group of Ukrainian soldiers that Denmark has trained and educated in the UK, and in just five weeks, the Danish instructors have trained and educated civilians from Ukraine, so they now appear as skilled soldiers with the right skills, ready to be deployed where needed.


"It is an incredibly important task that the military is solving here. With the training of the Ukrainian soldiers, we take great responsibility for supporting Ukraine in their defense against the Russian invasion," says Michael Frandsen, head of the Armed Forces educational support to Ukraine.


Uddannelse af ukrainske soldater i bykamp.

Training of Ukrainian soldiers in urban combat. Photo: Danish Armed Forces

Denmark has supported training activities in Ukraine since 2015 under the British-led operation Orbital. The purpose of Operation Orbital was to train Ukrainian soldiers in basic military skills and operational planning. In addition, a handful of advisors were sent out to various strategic, operational, and tactical levels to support reform and educational development in the Ukrainian defense.


According to plan, Denmark will train more Ukrainian recruits in the UK during 2023