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Multinational Division North

Denmark heads the NATO headquarters for the Multinational Division North, which was established in March 2019.

Multinational Division North

Headquarters Multinational Division North is part of the NATO force structure and based near Riga in Latvia and in Slagelse in Denmark.

Headquarters Multinational Division North (MND N) is primarily staffed by Latvia, Estonia and Denmark (the so called framework nations) but other NATO members as well are contributing or planning to contribute staff as the Headquarters develop. Presently MND N fields staff from more than 10 different nations. Military and civilian as well as permanent staff and reservists.Headquarters Multinational Division North will continue to develop its organization and capabilities. 



The tasks of MND N will range from facilitating training and exercises in the region over coordination and all the full range of tasks from deterrence to full scale defensive activities if the Baltic countries are threatened or attacked. This means that the Headquarters is organized to be able to scale up its presence and capacity if a crisis develops.