[Oprindeligt publiceret af Forsvaret]

Major General Peter Kuhnel, the Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations, Defence Command Denmark and Lieutenant General John F. Sattler, Director for Strategic Plans and Policy on the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff, will be co-hosting a multilateral planners conference 14-15 May in Copenhagen, Denmark to discuss issues surrounding global maritime security, as well as to determine a collective way ahead to meet the challenges in an age of terrorism and transnational threats at sea.

This will be a senior military strategic policy-level forum that provides all participants a better understanding of strategic planning and military roles, as well as awareness of emerging security challenges. This conference is the sixth of its kind and is intended to gather contributors and potential contributors to discuss solutions for emerging challenges, while creating momentum for future partnership initiatives and policy recommendations.

This year’s conference agenda will focus on the maritime domain and include strategic overviews, regional political and security assessments and discussions regarding international cooperation. In addition, the conference is an opportunity to foster greater maritime cooperation and bolster support for key treaties, agreements and protocols.
Over 60 nations are expected to be in attendance as well as representatives from NATO and International and Non Government Organizations; expecting over 200 participants in all. The level of participation in this multi lateral conference is a testament to the importance and significance that nations attach to this effort.

POC: All additional media requests associated with the MPC will be coordinated through CDR Danny Hernandez, OCJCS PA danny.hernandez@js.pentagon.mil), (202) 471-0914 (bb) or CDR Niels Markussen, Defence Command Denmark (fko-komsek02@mil.dk), +45 4567 3032 (office); +45 2049 1085 (cell).