Kursister under uddannelse på et tidligere kursus.

Kursister under uddannelse på et tidligere kursus. Foto: Efterretningsregimentet / Forsvaret

Af Efterretningsregimentet


The course provides the students with the knowledge, skills and competencies the students will need in order to be able to assume the responsibilities of a PSYOPS Planner function at brigade level.


This will be done through lectures, discussions and syndicate work in a tactical scenario.


The NORDEFCO PSYOPS course is conducted in Varde Barracks, Denmark at the Danish Intelligence Regiment every year in October.


The course is designed for up to 20 students who will be split into syndicates.


Interested? Please fill out this request for participation and send to: EFR-KTP-S7@mil.dk.


Link to 'request for participation'


If accepted on the course an invitation package will be sent to your email, containing all information needed


Upcoming courses at Nordefco is avaible here.


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